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'Thank you again so much for everything you did for me. I couldn't have done it without you' Conor Lyne - Winter Olympian 2014

'I am so pleased because since I attended your clinic about my hip, I have been pain free! I will be recommending you to all my runner pals' Please can i have advice

Aidan Woods, Pearse St Physio. He'll fix you.

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MTB Forum: 'Just had a cast removed' questions

I'd consult a physio/ physical therapist to accelerate the recovery time.
Aidan Woods has a fantastic rep. Not been to him myself but quite a few of my running and rockclimbing buddies have.

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MTB Forum: Recommend a Sports Physiotherapist?

I used Aidan Woods at Pearse Street Physio clinic.
Highly recommended, guy works with Irish Athletics Olympic Team, he knows what he is doing.

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The physio (absolute genius for anyone who's in Dublin his name is Aidan Woods and he works out of Pearse St Physio) said to me that a week off followed by a couple of weeks easy training should see me right!!!

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Knee pain while cycling

I had knee surgery last year and went to a few physios who tried to rehab me for a sedentary lifestyle, so was still having problems on bike as quads were weak. Have been going to Aidan Woods for a few months now and have been getting great results - lots of gym work involved (3 times/week at moment, initially 5 days) and he's a cyclist which helps.

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City Centre physio recommendation - broken wrist?

Aidan Woods in Pearse Street is a top guy. A runner, cyclist and triathlete he has been physio to countless international teams in loads of disciplines. Sensible, careful and great value.

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